Broadband Switching Guide

Guide to Switching

Switching broadband suppliers is easy. Its a 3 step process:

  1. Contact your present broadband supplier and ask them to provide you with your MAC code
  2. Search for the best new deal for you
  3. Visit the new suppliers website and sign up with your MAC code

How do i get a MAC code?

To make it easy for you to get your MAC code we've listed all the broadband suppliers below and the telephone number you need to call to get your MAC code for each one.

How does the switch happen?

You will choose an activation day with your new supplier. On this day you will automatically be switched to your new provider, during this time you will lose your connection, but only for a short while, typically less than 30 minutes.

I don't have any broadband at the moment, do I need a MAC Code?

No, if you don't currently have broadband then you don't need a MAC Code, you can sign up to any provider without one.

I have cable broadband, do I need a MAC Code?

No, you just need to get a BT Line installed and then sign up with a new supplier without the need of a MAC code.

I am switching to cable broadband, do I need a MAC code?

No, you just need to contact Virgin and sign up for Cable and they will install the cable line into your house.